Feb 22: Nijmegen gig + Merch sale

February 16, 2014 by Nik

Totally and completely hi there boys ‘n girls!


Many of you will already know we’re playing a gig in Nijmegen on the 22nd of februari as part of the amazing route 024. But how many of you also know we will be having a nice little merch sale there? That’s right. None.


On another note: we will be having our bicentennial merch sale at our 22nd of february gig. We will be selling all of our old merch at pick-em-up-while-they-last prices. Here are your options:


- Old shirt or girly (your pick from five beautiful bad boys): € 5,-
- New shiny limited edition shirt: € 7,50
- Our vinyl stands strong at: € 10,-
- But if you buy vinyl and a nice limited edition shirt or girly, we’ll only charge you € 15,-


Here are some awesome pictures to help you make up your mind:


Old Shirts: € 5,-


Limited Shirt + Vinyl: € 15,-


We hope to see you all on the 22nd of February @ Merleyn.
Our gig starts at 23:30 but be sure to be there early.


Full is full. Free entry.


Also, make sure you see a few other bands while you’re in the city. Details here.

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Hitting the road again!

September 3, 2013 by Erwin

Well, it has been a little quiet around here lately, which has everything to do with us being very busy writing new songs and drinking beer.


However, as it turns out, we miss drinking beer on stage instead of in our hot and sweaty rehearsal lair. Therefore, we have arranged some new shows for the upcoming months. All of which are taking us to our eastern neighbors in Germany and we will be joined by the magnificent STONERFRONT NIJMEGEN stoners!


We will also bring a bike rack so we might be able to return some of our grandparents’ heritage back home.


To all the Dutchies: you will get some BANDITO later this year, so do not despair and stop crying in the corner of your shack.


Thanks to Peter Dragt, Alex Fuchs, the Grandfather-boys and Andre Böhne, for making this happen.


SEP     6th      Kneipe, Fintel (DE) with Stonerfront Nijmegen

SEP     7th      Boulderhalle, Garmisch-Partenkirchen (DE) with Stonerfront Nijmegen and Grandfather

NOV   1st       Erfurt, TBA (DE)

NOV   2nd     Black Knight, Jena (DE) with Stonerfront Nijmegen

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April 9, 2013 by Nik



As you might have heard, we will be playing a few shows abroad. This time we will bring our mayhem upon Austria and Italy.


18/4 Rankweil – Gasthof Kreuz (AT)
19/4 Vienna – Einbaumöbel (AT) w/ Cachimbo de Paz
20/4 Triëste – Etnoblog (IT) w/ Damned Pilots


Come and party with us! Bring all your friends and show us a good time!


As usual, Jord will keep you posted on Facebook with some highlight pictures of stupid and/or extremely fascinating stuff we’re doing.


Lastly, a big shout out to our friends in Stonerfront for helping to make this tour possible for us. We love you Peter!


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Luxor Live!

March 5, 2013 by Nik

Just a quick update for all you hard rockin’ longhaired or shorthaired people. As previously stated, we will be playing in Arnhem next friday supporting PETER PAN SPEEDROCK. They are known for their bas ass rock ‘n roll antics so be sure to bring enough money for buttloads of beer. We are stoked to be opening for them because we think we’re a good bet to warm up the crowd to some headbanging chaos.


On satuday, we’ll be supporting the infamous Swedish band Mascot Parade in Coevorden. So if that’s closer to your home, be sure to show up two days in a row (because you can’t afford to miss the friday show ofcourse).


Lastly, we have some ass-whooping and gratuitous (and free) “new” stickers for you to pick up. If there ever was a reason to show up at one of our gigs…

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Ramblin’ Rose & The Future

January 22, 2013 by Nik

Hey there y’all,


First a big shout out to everyone who made it out to Merleyn last december 28th. It was an awesome night and we loved to hear you guys dig our new songs. A special thanks to Through the Struggle and Basilisk for making the backstage feel like home!


We’re really excited about the future and we would love to share some interesting upcoming events with you. We’re still writing new stuff and we are trying to get some new gig dates up as soon as possible, like:


On march 8th, we’ll be playing in Luxor, Arnhem, supporting Peter Pan Speedrock (BEER). Be sure to pick up some tickets and drink BEER with us. BEER.


The day after, on march 9th, we will be playing hungover but alive and kicking at Metal Front Coevorden (in Coevorden), supporting Mascot Parade from Sweden.


We hope to have some more dates soon!

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What’s new

October 9, 2012 by Jord

New songs are coming and coming, so now it’s time again to let you guys hear the results. But before we do, there are some shows, some parties, some beers and some other stuff we need to see, have and do.


In the mean time, we are trying to get some new shows for December and the rest of 2013, so don’t hesitate to give us a call or an email if you want us to party at your place. Listen to our songs on SPOTIFY and bang that head!


Cheers, and enjoy this pic Bernard Bodt made.

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New drummer and new shows

June 7, 2012 by Jord

So the last couple of months we have been very very busy with trying out new drummers and writing new material. Now finally we have found a new member and we have a shitload of new songs. We even have a date for our first show with the new drummer, Saturday the 14th of July on the Affaire festival.


We will share the stage with Baroness, Red Fang and UFO Mammut. And to make it all even better, the show is 100% free of charge. So get your butt over to Nijmegen the 14th of July and check out our new drummer.


Ofcourse we are still searching for more shows, so if you are interested email us at ernestobookings [at] gmail.com We hope to see you on a show near you very soon!

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Afscheidsshow Stok / Farewell show Stok

January 15, 2012 by Nik

Zoals jullie inmiddels vast allemaal weten verlaat Stok Bandito. Om nog één keer te laten zien wat hij allemaal met twee stokken kan (ja, creatieve gedachten toegestaan) organiseren wij op 4 februari in de Plu een lijp vet afscheidsfeest met The Bips. Details hieronder! Wij zouden het enorm waarderen als je komt, met al je vrienden, vriendinnen, collega’s, ouders, opa’s, oma’s en vage kennissen (bepaalde huisdieren niet toegestaan) om Stok een waardig afscheid te geven, maar ook om gewoon keihard te feesten tot je bol knapt. Tot dan! (Of eerder!)


As you all might know by now, Stok is leaving Bandito. Because he would love to show you all one more time what he can do with two sticks (yes, you can let your imagination run wild on this one), we will throw a lijp vette farewell party on the 4th of february in the Plu with The Bips. Details below! We would really appreciate it if you could come, along with all your friends, colleagues, parents, grandparents and plain ol’ associates (certain types of pets not allowed) to give Stok a worthy farewell, but also to just party your ass of like there’s no tomorrow. See you then! (Or sooner!)


Date: February 4th

Doors: 21:00


Location (Map):


Van Oldenbarneveltstraat 63A

6512 AT Nijmegen


En hier de poster! / And here’s the poster!

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Fall tour video

December 29, 2011 by Jord

So we did a couple of weekend shows in Germany, Belgium and France where we made a lot of footage. All that footage combined, made this one video, for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks to anyone who came to our shows and we hope to see you next time.


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Bandito zoekt een nieuwe drummer

October 30, 2011 by Jord

Stok, de drummer van Bandito, heeft na wikken en wegen besloten om te stoppen met Bandito. Een jaar nadat de bassist en de gitarist succesvol zijn vervangen, wordt nu ook ruimte gemaakt voor een nieuwe slagwerker.

Stok geeft aan dat hij de komende optredens tot in januari nog wil volmaken, dat betekent dus flink wat weekenden met de hele band in de bus door Duitsland, Frankrijk en Belgie crossen. Het voorlopig laatste optreden met Stok zal 7 januari in Splotsz te Roelofsarendveen zijn, met de brute instrumentalisten van Tank 86.

Dit betekent echter geen einde van de band, er is op dit moment erg veel gaande en steeds meer vraag vanuit het buitenland. ook de podia in het binnenland roepen steeds meer. Er wordt dus komende maanden gezocht naar een nieuwe drummer, zodat Bandito hopelijk in februari gewoon verder kan waar het op dat moment staat.
De drummer die we zoeken moet zin en tijd hebben om vaker op te treden. Een tour lang in dezelfde bus willen zitten. Goed kunnen drummen, mee willen denken met nieuwe nummers. Ervaring met optreden is gewenst.
Dus, heb jij zin om het te proberen, mail dan naar info@banditoband.com

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